Together, we create solutions for your initiatives

ITe Consulting has supported corporate strategic initiatives at leading companies around the world, to date in Germany, Austria, Sweden, and the United States—companies who strive to be innovators in the industry. 

We have executed new project delivery methodologies, developed solution architectures, engaged and led other technology partners, and delivered successful transformation projects that are part of the digitalization of all business processes along the value chain:

Point of sale solutions

Consumer- or dealer-facing online and offline POS solutions, including visualizations, space planning, pricing, online ordering

Business systems

Business and enterprise operating ERP or MRP systems, including order management, purchasing, production planning and scheduling, inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, shipping, finance and accounting

Engineering systems

Engineering CAD/CAM and PLM solutions including 2D & 3D CAD, solid modeling, CAM, optimization, and nesting

Automated production

Automated production cells for panels and solid wood components or sub- and end-assemblies including CNC controllers, PLCs, automated storage and retrieval systems, production lines and cells, material transfer systems, and  inter- and intra-logistic systems

Hardware optimization

Review and optimization of hardware platforms, cloud computing and disaster recovery architectures

How can we help you?

We can help...

if you are operating within an aging, highly fragmented IT landscape that is characterized by disconnected systems operating within redundant data silos for sales, production, the supply chain, engineering, manufacturing, and automation.

We can help...

if you have people, machines, and automated work cells that lack an effective communication system and are “hungry” for real-time product and process data, and you’re looking to modernize your operations to include a data-driven plant, division or functional area as well as automated intra-logistics and improved material flow and handling.

We can help...

if you have a highly redundant product data set for products that you sell, manufacture, and source that is difficult to maintain and are looking to benefit from a centralized, digital product representation that easily supports up- and downstream operations such as point-of-sale systems, ERP and MRP systems, engineering, shop floor execution, automated production cells, shipping, and installation.

A large residential furniture manufacturer and hotel project remodeling company produces 100% to order, sources products and services from all over Europe, and exports 75% of their products.

While highly automated, they were operating in a highly fragmented IT landscape consisting of two ERP Systems (one supporting the residential furniture business and one supporting the hotel remodeling business) and many Microsoft Access databases and Excel spreadsheets. Within 18 months, we replaced both ERP systems with an industry-specific ERP/MES solution and consolidated significant other support solutions into the same ERP/MES. The project is continuing with the replacement of the shop-floor solution developed in-house for the residential furniture business as well as the development of a mobile solution to manage the vendors for the remodeling business.

A highly integrated and automated institutional furniture company serving the school, healthcare, laboratory, and OEM markets already had an industry-specific ERP/MES solution in place, but was unaware that the features were underutilized.

With the new scenario that we designed, the ERP/MES will act as a central hub and integrate and interface to other key systems, such as financial software, automated work cell software (e.g., panel saw optimization, nesting, machine cell control systems, third-party CAM solutions), web order management systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Product data: We established a digital product catalog for all casegood and panel products that the company offered in their commercial catalog, including configurable product structures for the tables and work surfaces product subset of tables.

Shop-floor integration: We reviewed the current shop-floor workflow and recommended new scan points, improved work order monitoring, full warehouse management integration, and actual costing based on accurate time and material consumption.

Internal and external supply chain integration: We directed the creation of a digital product structure that allows complete purchase-to-order (PTO) and purchase-to-stock (PTS) as well as make-to-order (MTO) and make-to-stock (MTS) functionality that allows for the true flexibility needed to meet their demanding production schedule.

Costing and Microsoft Dynamics GP Finance integration: We restructured data and business processes to support financial transparency based on the integration of quotations, order management, supply chain and shop-floor operations.

A top-3 kitchen cabinet manufacturer serving the new construction, big box, and dealer market has internal and external supply chains that span a wide geographic distribution.

They were operating with static bill of materials and pricing data that had been developed in-house. We architected, directed, and implemented the replacement of this system with an industry-specific ERP/MES solution that has a rules-based product and process configurator.