We have a long-standing history of igniting change through technology for woodworking manufacturers.

Drawing from our deeply-rooted experience in the woodworking and furniture-making industries, our team of consultants leverages our first-hand, in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges that wood manufacturers face. As a supporting partner with an exclusive focus on the woodworking industry, we help you utilize innovative solutions to become an industry leader.

We ask the questions that drive new solutions.

During our collective history in the woodworking industry, we’ve overcome numerous challenges—so, we are equipped to understand your needs. Our intimate knowledge of available technologies and services allow us to guide the optimal strategic approach that will help address your issues at any scale, from a single functional area to enterprise-wide initiatives.

The reality of working within the constraints of legacy systems is one we know well. Our team excels at resolving the misalignment between your needs and installed capabilities—leveraging our familiarity with and history of developing systems tailored for the woodworking industry to create new categories of solutions, connect siloed systems, and bridge gaps in an established environment. We have developed and utilized methodologies to successfully and iteratively transform business process while minimizing the business impact by leveraging existing systems, assessing internal capabilities, and activating external resources.

At the same time, we focus on enabling you to actively engage in Industry 4.0 or IoT initiatives suited for the woodworking industry. Utilize our knowledge of the unique requirements of the industry to evaluate the options.

We think globally and act locally to apply digital transformation concepts for companies around the world.

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Our team has the experience to identify areas for improvement that you may not even realize were possible

With our rich history as business owners, C-level executives, senior managers and software developers in industry-relevant companies, the ITe Consulting team has worked, often together, with top tier manufacturers in Europe, North America, and Asia, with a focus on digitalization along the value chain. Our team lays the foundation for the innovative thinking that empowers us to drive and shape the technical evolution of the global woodworking industry.